(ASYLUM) World Series of Poker: What You Need to Know

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The World Series of Poker is one of the most popular tournaments on the planet, drawing thousands of participants each year to more than 50 events. Winners are considered the most accomplished players in the world of poker. Several satellite tournaments are held leading up to the World Series, giving potential entrants a chance to prove their abilities.


Every summer, the World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas. The brand is owned by Harrah’s, and has been played every year since 1970; it was originally hosted by Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. It is now held at the RIO All-Suites Casino and Hotel, with satellite games played at casinos all over the United States and even abroad. The World Series of Poker usually lasts for two months or so, but can extend nearly to the end of the year, depending on the schedule.

It is one of the most entertaining games in history as most people are of the opinion that you can’t get better than the Poker World Series although Slot Online Indonesia too follows a close second.

How to enter:

If your dream is to win a game or two (or the main event) at the World Series of Poker, you are probably looking for ways to earn a coveted seat at one of those smooth green tables. There are two basic ways to win: buy in, or earn your way in through online satellite tournaments. Obviously, you have to possess serious skill to earn your way into the World Series of Poker, not to mention the time to enter all those satellite tournaments. However, the price to buy your way into the World Series of Poker is pretty steep: $10,000 per seat.

What you’ll win:

Cash prizes are the major draw of the World Series of Poker, but serious players are also after the coveted bracelet that the winner of each event takes home. If you have one of those bracelets, you can finally consider yourself one of the elite. The largest cash prize available at the World Series of Poker is just over $8 million, with a total of $59 million split among all the winners. This means a serious windfall should you manage to work your way to the top at any of the tables.


If you don’t actually want to play at the World Series of Poker (or haven’t acquired the skills just yet), there are plenty of other ways to participate. Numerous online poker sites have sprung up over the last decade, offering just about anyone the opportunity to try his hand at five-card stud or Texas Hold ’em. There are also video games, tutorials and DVDs available for the avid poker fan. Enjoy the World Series of Poker from home by watching the tournaments on live television, or attend the World Series of Poker Academy to learn the tricks of the trade.

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