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Castle Crashers Revives The Beat-‘Em-Up Genre On Xbox Live Arcade

Written by Evelyn

The second big-name XBox Live Arcade game to come out within the past month, Castle Crashers has become a huge hit for not just the Xbox Live Arcade line but also for video games in general.

The game takes a stab at a genre that many have thought deceased in the beat-em-up category which features gamers playing alongside three buddies. The characters each look pretty similar in Castle Crashers but that is the standard way Xbox Live Arcade games are usually made as not a ton of effort is put into some of the character designs.

With game play as good as you’ll find in Castle Crashers, however, that won’t matter too much.

Castle Crashers is so popular that it was number one in terms of page views on the message boards at the popular video game site as of Monday, September 1st as well as on the FAQ section, meaning lots of people who downloaded the game on the Xbox Live Arcade wanted to find tips for it and were knee-deep in the main campaign looking for tips on how to beat certain levels.

The first extremely popular Xbox Live Arcade game that was released this month was called Braid, a puzzle game that had a lot of interesting story elements waived in and similar lush, detailed, imaginative 2-d graphics like the ones seen on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis systems back in the day, only much more aesthetically pleasing as a whole.

Features of Castle Crashers for the Xbox Live Arcade, which is available for download right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace, are numerous. They include a list of unlockable combo and magic attacks for the main characters as well as tag-team attacks that are executed alongside friends to make short work of the numerous enemies and giant bosses you’ll find in Castle Crashers.

An arena mode is also offered featuring epic multi-player head-on battles for a nice break from the campaign mode.

The graphics of the game is quite awesome. It feels like you are playing pkv games online. It has amazing design, styles and even gameplay. So if you are looking for a game that can give you all of these amazing features, you can try this game and so as pkv games.

Each player in Castle Crashers also has the ability to unlock more than 40 weapons for use in the game. Animal orbs are a unique special attacks system, giving you “pets” that bring with them special abilities. Pets can be found or bought at a store.

There are also tons of weapons and special abilities as well as treasure to find throughout the game.

Thus far, reviews on Castle Crashers for Xbox Live Arcade have been glowingly positive and most suggest the game is well-worth the purchase price of 1200 Microsoft Points.

As a longtime fan of the Sega Saturn hidden gem Guardian Heroes I can also say that this game is exactly what the beat-’em-up genre needed to take the next step and to be taken seriously by gamers everywhere. It’s well worth the money if you’re a fan of old-school multi-player games that you can play alongside friends.

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