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Great Choices In Basketball Betting – Learn about choices

Written by Evelyn

If you want to make it in the basketball betting world, then you really need to know what players are considered to be the best. Everybody knows that basketball is a team game, but having great athletes on your side can make your team the champion. This is why you need to get informed about the names of the planet’s greatest basketball players at this very moment and why they deserve this title. Here are three of the best players of 2012.

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Kobe Bryant

Born in 1978, Kobe Bryant is on the shooting guard position for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was often compared by sports experts with Micheal Jordan , to Bryant’s discontent, and was given second place in the top shouting guard players in the NBA history. From 2000 until 2002, together with Shaquille O’Neal, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship three times in a row. He enjoys scoring a lot, as his game average is of 25.4 points. Using his own strategy, which no player has managed to reproduce so far, Kobe Bryant manages to create point occasions from basically anywhere on the field, without too much difficulty. The three point hits are among his favorites, not to mention that he is a skillful defender as well. In basketball betting, his name has made some bettors rich.

LeBron James aka King James

Another interesting player profile is the one about LeBron James, playing in the Miami Heat team. He is a flexible player as his skills on the field make him occupy both power forward and small forward position, as well as shooting guard. He has received the MVP award three times already, which gives him an entry pass to one of the most select basketball groups, where players like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird have their places. 2 m tall and a weight of 113 kg, he is viewed as one of the best athletes of the world from a physical point of view. His point average per game is 27 and 7.9 rebounds, but this has not stopped critics from commenting about his playing strategy. LeBron James seems to make a mistake in the stressful moments of the game. He tends to pass the ball to his team mates instead of shooting.

Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder can consider itself lucky as one of the world’s greatest players, Kevin Durant, is playing on the small forward position. Having only 24 years old, Kevin Durant is the youngest player to have won the NBA title. In the 2012 Olympics games, he managed to set a new record regarding the biggest number of points delivered in a game. Durant is not at his first international experience, as he won the golden medal in 2010 at the FBA World Championship. He is still a young player, who has a lot to prove on the basketball field, as he has a lot of potential.

If you are looking for great basketball betting ideas, here you have three of the best players at moment, each being part of a different. Knowing a bit about their on field activity basketball betting won’t seem that complicated.

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