Harms And Benefits Of Speed Bingo

Written by Evelyn

Bingo along with slot online is so attractive and appealing, because it helps to have a more active social life, to have a little bit of leisure and pleasure in the routine life, and it also allows us to raise money (is the jackpot or a bit of gain). 

Bingo offers so many advantages for everyone, but see rather the case of a young man who saw his past life in smoke thanks to this game of chance that is bingo or rather variant the easier that is at 30 bingo balls. “I do not possess the necessary monthly income than with my meager wages I start gambling with casters, I’ve known that losses then I stopped. ” Not very gifted in the card game, I chose to Lotto and bingo. 

After considerable losses, I see all the time ads back me to play bingo, I had made bingo 75 balls hoping to win,I was never losing hope and after all, I did not woman or child to feed then I was banking alone my defeats. Recently, the 30 ball bingo was very replied with my failures with the 75 ball bingo and France, I decided to participate in a part of speed bingo in a casino that was in Paris. 

Without me be expected, I arrived in third place, and in this casino Fortunately, he pays the first six winners. Being proud of this small success, I have awaited other parts of speed bingo, but unanswered casinos and cardrooms of my city did not this yet. Every day, I work in a place which is located 3 hours from my house so I get home every night. 

The midi, lunchtime was a bit wide so I took advantage to go into a casino club, still no speed bingo so a new loss – read free news about bingo sites. One day leaving a casino, I noticed a display including a special internet site to be able to play the speed in online bingo. Being tried again, I found myself every noon at my computer to play on “OnligneBingo”, I found myself with lows and highs, but it was the victories that surpass the defeats, and I thought to go ahead from day to day. 

The years passed and I decided to participate in tournaments of speed bingo, national tournaments and it was after this that I realized that I was more playing for money or for fun, but I was addicted to speed bingo. Even if I lose, I still continued to play and if I win, I immediately blaze all monies that I could win. (A) remain constantly with this game, 

I found myself without a job, I lived with my mother because I couldn’t pay my rent and when my mother prevented me from playing, I put me in an unpleasant tone and become brutal. My life was totally destroyed, I knew no social or professional life. I found myself incarcerated in a mental asylum in order to cure my phobia and today I am declared as being a banned at games of chance, I have enjoyed the right to enter gambling or casino. I’m going better and better, I got out of this misery I suffered and I work for a big box now with an executive position so I have more right to the error and all those that I was able to do before. 

I had screwed up my career, my future, and additionally, I have caused the penalty to my mother who wanted to help me when I found myself in need; This is not conducted worthy of a young man well educated like me. Everyone is tempted to have a little fun or even attempted to win a game especially bingo or bingo to 30 balls which is accessible easily, but for the common good, I think that bingo halls will have to impose conditions for membership and that each player knows his limit, know when the stop is no longer to make this change in habit causing even a disease’, crisis or attack any. 

This is the testimony of an ex-player who converted to forbidden games. The number of banned games continues to regress in the world through these false advertisements sometimes, and incentives that casinos are attracting many clients to increase their turnover and annual revenue.

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