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Horse Racing Systems That Really Work – Know about the working

Written by Evelyn

I have been asked many times whether there is a horse racing system that really works. The quick answer to that question is, yes, but the longer, ambiguous, but more accurate answer is yes and no. I am not trying to be cute, just letting you know how complicated the question of horse racing systems really is.

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The reason that I say yes, is because horse racing systems can make money for a smart player. The reason that I say, “and no,” is because they don’t always make money. If you use a horse racing system that works at one track or in one kind of races, it may very well make you money, but if you try it at another track it may lose.

You have to do research so you will know what works at each track and in each kind of race. That means keeping accurate notes and planning ahead. The notes that you keep may not make a profit today or this week, but in the long run, they will make money if you use them wisely.

An example of my own success with note keeping and betting on the horses is the bets that I make money on at Aqueduct. When the races go from Belmont to Aqueduct on the New York racing circuit, I make money playing certain bets in maiden races. I make money because I kept track of what running style wins at Aqueduct and also which trainers were winning with that angle.

Early speed doesn’t hold up as well in the maiden races at Belmont as it does at Aqueduct. While Belmont seems to favor horse running off the pace a bit, Aqueduct favors front runners. So I watch maidens lose at Belmont after being on the front end or flashing early speed and wait for them to start at Aqueduct.

They often get to the front and take the lead at Aqueduct but instead of fading as they did at Belmont, they win. They often go often at good odds because the average bettor sees that they faded at Belmont and expects the same results at the “Big A.” This is just one example of long range planning that pays off and if you are investing in horse races, note keeping and long range planning will pay off if you stick with it.

If you expect quick profits and easy work, then forget about betting on horse races, but if you are willing to work hard and think ahead, you might make a little profit from your bets. It is a tough game and you have to love it in order to be able to put forth the effort to win.

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