MGM Grand Casino Moves to Its Permanent Home in Detroit

Written by Evelyn

Who would have thought that the MGM Grand Casino that nestled off the Lodge Freeway and Abbott Street was just temporary? Since its birth in 1999, MGM Grand’s ‘temporary’ placement held over 2,000 slot machines, and was a nice get-a-way for many of the residents of Detroit and beyond well if you are into online casinos then 카지노 안전 토토사이트 is another great option that you can try. Coming back to MGM Grand Casino here are some of its highlights. 

But as of 12:01 A.M. Wednesday, October 3rd, the temporary house for the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit will be closed and moved to an $800 million casino, entertainment, and hotel complex just blocks away. Reports have stated that this MGM Grand is ‘Vegas-style’ and is sure to bring more visitors to the Detroit area.

 The hotel portion of the MGM Grand Detroit possesses all the luxuries of its sister property just outside of Las Vegas, but maybe a bit more; with more than 300-state of the art suites/rooms and a spa that covers more than 20,000 square feet, not forgetting restaurants that will have celebrity chefs on hand for some delectable eating-it’s sure to give a boost to the attraction of the Motor City. And of course more action for the casino lovers! According to a spokesperson for the MGM Grand Detroit, the gaming facility will be much larger than the old housing for the MGM Grand. This facility, housing only one floor at this point, will possess more than 4,000 slot machines for its visitors.

You would think that this would ring ‘fabulous’ to many of the returning visitors from the temporary MGM Grand, But it doesn’t. Words have been floating that many of the players are sour because they have grown accustomed to the ‘old’ place, giving them favorite slot machines and certain floors that held some ‘winning’ slots. One would wonder if the gamers are going to appreciate all the effort and work put into making this new MGM Grand a more comfortable place to enjoy the casino experience; including a video poker game may not satisfy these gamers. But will the point of knowing that the new machines will accept paper money or credit slips help persuade these gamers?

And for those who may not come for the gambling, may take in some of the celebrity-chef inspired restaurants that will be inside the MGM Grand; Some featured will be: Wolfgang Puck’s Grille, Saltwater, and Bourbon Steak, which both are famed restaurants of Michael Mina.

And those who wish to take advantage of the luxury of staying in the hotel portion should be ready to cough up more than $200/ per night.

Authorities are in hopes that this $800 million project will bring more visitors to Detroit, and soon claiming it as a Midwest Attraction, for vacations among other reasons to visit our Motor City.

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