Obama’s Visit to Sandusky, Ohio

Written by Evelyn

On July 4th I decided to visit my home town to watch the Cedar Point fireworks display and was surprised when I read in our local Newspaper, “The Sandusky Register,” that Obama will be visiting here. Those lucky Sandusky residents who were invited to hear his speech were also treated to an ice cream social.

I learned about Obama’s campaign stop only two days after my arrival. My 92 year old Dad has been taking me on a Tour of my home town to see all the tourist attractions that our fair city offers, including Dad’s old neighborhood. As usual Cedar Point came through with its dazzling and very spectacular fireworks display on July Fourth!

Obama’s Two Day Bus Tour

Obama’s two day bus tour began in Maumee, Ohio and Sandusky was his second stop. His other stops include Parma and Poland. Obama’s bus tour is part of his “Betting on America Campaign” to create jobs and develop the economy. Expert assistance can be taken through the players at Domino QQ site. With the guidance, the preparation of the right approach will be there. The wagering of the amount will be according to the skills and expertise of the gamblers. 

Washington Avenue was secured by police

On July 5th, Dad and I took a drive down Washington Avenue and realized that we would not be able to get close enough to get a picture of President Obama. There were many families walking to Washington Park who were disappointed to learn that the only people who would be able to listen to Obama will be those with tickets. Washington Park was blocked off by about a two block radius and police were standing guard to make sure no one without a ticket entered the secured area.

Security in Sandusky beefed up

Security was our main concern. Police from all the neighboring counties were called in for assistance including the Bomb Squad. Since Sandusky is on the shores of Lake Erie, the border police were also called in to assist in securing the area. Erie County’s Sheriff, Paul Sigsworth, said that Federal Agents coordinated with him this past week for security operations.

Empty school buses were lined up to block the view of the president by any would be sniper. A helicopter circulated the area to make sure everyone was safe.

Obama’s visit makes history

President Obama is only the 2nd president to visit Sandusky in 64 years since Harry Truman once visited my hometown where my Italian and Hungarian ancestors first settled in the early 1900’s.

Sandusky’s Art Walk

More than 100 artists set up on Columbus Avenue between Water and Market Street for the Art Walk which was held between 5 and 8PM. According the “The Sandusky Register” Obama’s visit will help the Art Walk. I personally visited the Art Walk after Obama’s speech because my cousin, Gary Kelley, who I grew up with displayed his beautiful water colored pictures. He was one of the smart ones who stayed in our home town, and, went on to become the principal of Sandusky High where we both graduated.

Our Bountiful riches

Sandusky has many resources due to it being located off the shores of Lake Erie which attracted my ancestors from half way around the globe. Over 100 years ago my ancestors migrated to our fair city because of its wineries, commercial fishing, coal loading docks and stone queries. All the way from Italy and Hungary my home town tempted my ancestors with its many advantages and opportunities for a new life in America. Today Sandusky is a world famous tourist attraction and a place that I wish I would have never left.

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