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Each roulette, regardless of its type, has a full set of betting fields. As a rule, this is the largest cloth. On him the player bets, choosing a certain number or a combination of them. You can also bet on red or black, strange or not, and even half the numbers. Some roulettes have an extra field called Track Race. We will talk about this roulette in this article.

What can a rasc?

The race is a distinctive feature of French Roulette, you will not find it in the American or European version. For this reason, the names of the three parties received their name in French.

First part

Voisins Du Zero. There are 17 numbers on it, divided into two halves, 9 and 7 on different sides of Zero. If the player bets on this side of the track, he will cover less than half the entire wheel.

The second part

Tiers Du Cylindre, the numbers on the other side of the twelve-reel drum are on it. By the way, here are the happiest numbers, such as 5, 10, 13 and 33.

The third part

Is Orphelins, includes the numbers that are between the first two parts, the nine. They are distributed as follows: six on one side of the wheel and three on the other.Be aware that novices to learn to play is not as difficult as race numbers on the racetrack, and the wheel is the same in a roulette.

Bet on multiple numbers (Neighbors)

In English, the word “Neighbors” means “neighbors”. The player has the option of betting on several nearby numbers, ie neighbor. This can be useful if the ball always comes in approximately the same sector.

Once you get the gist about the neighbors involved, the betting process becomes much easier to see through because it is all but a game of numbers where the one that has the biggest hand is declared the winner because that would make you the king of the castle where Agen PKV Games come in different hues be it roulette or slot machine but the more numbers you have, the greater chances you have of victory.

How to make such a bet? To do this, you must choose a number in the roulette, and then two numbers from each part of the roulette will be involved. And it deserves the ball to stop at the number that is your neighbor’s neighbor, then the bet you played, you won.

You can make such a bet on the numbers on either side of the number you choose, which covers the bet. Typically, these are five numbers in both directions, ie 11 digits are obtained immediately. But do not forget that the more numbers are covered by the bet, the less will be the win, because its coefficient decreases. So you have to keep a balance by choosing the number of numbers that will be covered by the bet so that the winnings are not very insignificant.

Look for a roulette roulette

Finding a roulette is easy. Recognize it easily through domain rates. The rake is elliptical. Such a field is also called “racing track” due to its appearance.

The player is available to try your luck on several variants of the French Roulette, where you can bet on races. The greatest success is enjoyed by those types of roulette, called the Multi Wheel. They have multiple wheels and the win is credited if the bet is played on at least one of them. Usually, this earnings ratio is lower than the standard roulette, but a competent tactic will help the player earn a lot of money.

What are the good bets on the racing track? The fact that they are simple and convenient. And if the player is limited in time by playing a live roulette, then this is an additional advantage. Also, we will not give up the fact that in such a roulette a bet can cover more than one number simultaneously, sometimes even more than a dozen.

There is a roulette with a rumek and a minus. I already mentioned – is a low coefficient. But let’s repeat, this is not an obstacle to good earnings.

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