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Enjoy Online Bingo At Jackpotjoy

When you land on the homepage of Jackpotjoy, you will be immediately gripped by the appealing layout. All the required information for a new player is visible on this page which ensures complete transparency. Registration with Jackpotjoy is very easy and after following just a few steps you will be ready to enjoy online bingo. However, if you choose to do so, you can also play with a practice bingo match before playing a real one. You will also get a 100% bonus which can be as high as £ 100 on your first deposit. At Jackpotjoy, fun is of the utmost importance. While you are playing bingo on this website, you can enjoy every moment and stay carefree. After all, there is really no use to play if you cannot enjoy it.

Jackpotjoy has over one million users and has a variety of free bingo games available to play. Some of the most popular bingo games on their website are Bejeweled Bingo, Bingo Royale, Bingo 75 and Bingo 90. There are also a number of chat rooms where you can interact with other players and have fun. Bonuses and Promotions Apart from the sign-up bonus you can also get many other bonuses at Jackpotjoy. There are daily promotions and bonuses available with huge cash prizes. You can also get guaranteed birthday cash bonus on your birthday. You can also keep up with the latest promotions and offers by signing up for their weekly newsletter. When you plan and win bingo matches, you earn Joy Points. You can then use these Joy Points in exchange for cash or you can use them at the Shop of Joy to win special prizes. Graphics and Design Jackpotjoy has a very impressive and friendly interface.

The graphics are smooth and appealing which make online bingo even more fun and entertaining. Even if you are not Internet or computer savvy, you can still enjoy playing bingo online at Jackpotjoy with its intuitive controls. You do not even have to download any software to play games. The interface is supported by all major browsers and all you need to do is sign up to get started immediately. High Security Jackpotjoy is managed at the Gamesys network which has many other famous brands attached to its name. To ensure the privacy of their customers, high security standards are maintained at Jackpotjoy. All the data transmitted through the website is encrypted with the Thawte security system. This ensures all personal data and information is kept securely for each player. Every effort is made so that you can focus on the bingo game and enjoy without worrying about security issues.

Deposit/ Withdrawal Options and Support At Jackpotjoy you get a variety of options for deposit and withdrawal of cash, and so you can choose the one which is most convenient for you. These options include Mastercard, Visa, Solo, Switch, Neteller Firepay, Delta and VISA Electron. If you want the best in fun and excitement when playing bingo online, Jackpotjoy is the best choice. Players can enjoy a variety of thrilling games, make friends and meet new people, and feel comfortable playing from anywhere.

Since the daftar rolet online match is won just for entertainment, it’s doesn’t mean that the levels or the outcome are meaningless. The explanation people do not bet on virtual currencies is where you could not watch the development without any of the risks. At least, winning counts, as it allows gaming more fun.


Online Casino Slots – Discover potential benefits at online gambling site

When you think about playing casinos online then one of the first sights and sounds you can imagine is the sound of the slot machines. The sounds of a jackpot being hit, and the sounds of the whirring wheels are forever associated with playing slot games. You do not get these sights and sounds in an online casino, but you do get the excitement of playing the best slot games around. 

 It is not for any small reasons that slot games are popular. They were first invented over one hundred years ago, when the first Liberty Bell type slot machines came out. Back then, they were a simple three reel slot machine which paid out if you scored 3 Liberty bells in a row. Even then, they were extremely popular, and even with today’s technology not much has changed and you still get similar games based on the same principles. Today’s online casino slots are very variable in terms of the graphics they offer from the simple to the spectacular. There is still very much a market for the 3 reel games, and at every online casino you will get a chance to play them. More popular though, are the 5 reel slots, and the video slots. Today’s slot games do not just offer one winning line or simple – it is very common to see wild cards, scatter symbols, and other bonus symbols on a single machine.

The most complex video slots have animations and bonus rounds that really make playing come alive. Instead of bells and alarms, you have film clips and musical soundtracks playing as you spin the reels. This makes for by far the more interesting game. You can even play multi-line slots so you can have more opportunities to get a winning combination. Many of the very popular slot games are licensed to films and special events, so its not uncommon to see games with famous themes. If you want to play online casino slots, then you will find that slot machines and slot games make up the lions share of the games that you can play. Normally over fifty percent of the games on display will be slot games, and you can play these on your browser, and even on your mobile. Many slot games are attached to progressive bonuses, so if you happen to hit the jackpot at the right time with the progressive bonus, you could be in for a windfall that could change your life.

You have to remember that most slot games have a relatively higher casino or house edge. Playing slot games is a higher risk, higher reward game, although you can start playing with a very small stake. Lots of casinos offer free spins or a special slot bonus if you sign up. This can make playing slot games risk free so you can try out their games. See for yourself what they have to offer and see if a jackpot could change your fortune! The situs judi slot online will offer enormous and massive benefits to the players available at the website. The use of the right skills and techniques is there to increase the bonuses and rewards. The checking of the theme and graphic is there to play different online slot tables.


Playing Poker Online

Poker is named world’s leading online casino game that is played in both forms of casinos i.e. in the online casinos as well as the real casinos. If you are wishing to play poker online, there are numerous steps that are important to follow including reading about the books and articles related to the game, researching over the internet and exploring the world of poker gaming, learning the tactics, strategy and technique of gaming. If you are serious towards knowing the game perfectly and winning it at the real casino games, it is worth going through all such steps. One can easily learn the game of poker along with mastering it for years and there have been numerous players who have dive hard in the game with having no knowledge earlier about the game and later on, they have created history in the world of poker. The first and foremost step in the online poker gaming for a player is to become well versed with the techniques and rules of the game for playing its popular variant including Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud Poker, etc so that they can have a thorough understanding of the game along with knowing about the popular tactics related to buying, betting (through platforms like ufabat as well as playing the game.

For starters the game of online poker, you should first select the suitable poker gaming website as per your choice where a wide range of poker variants and other casino games are offered. You can practice these games until you have completely understood the game completely along with knowing about the entire online gaming procedure. The best benefit to start with such online websites to play poker is to get free money as a new player including the cash freerolls facility. Even, sometimes the cash credits are also facilitated to the players who are trying to play with their real money along with testing the gaming software.

Once, you have become comfortable with the tactics, rules and procedure of online poker gaming and well aware of the flow of the game, you should start playing with the real money game. However, you can first time try and experience the difference between a free poker game and a real money poker game. The real money poker gaming strategy will lead you to know about the bluffing procedure, pot odds along with learning as to what skills are required to beat your opponents in the game while you are playing poker in a confidence manner. However, you should also stick towards an important poker gaming strategy i.e. to build your bankroll and stick to your budget only while you are playing this game. You should first start with the free money games and when you feel yourself capable enough to play real money game, and then only move towards them. In this way you will be able to help yourself from losing your frustrations due to losing money and later on, you would be able to build your bankroll as well. The players in the game of poker are facilitated with offline and online both forms of gaming.

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Knowing the Ways to Compete Baccarat and Triumph

Though today there are many card games, baccarat, that can be also popular as Punto Banco and is available on platforms like Bandar bola terpercaya, will certainly be the least difficult furthermore perhaps the most ancient casino challenge that can be played both using the internet and in a gambling hall. The origin of the baccarat has not been obvious to date as some chronologists state that the name came from Spain and many give the facts that the play first showed up in France. 

According to other records, baccarat was first gamed using Tarot cards in the Dark ages in Italy. All over France casino game showed up not earlier in the sixteenth century where till the twentieth century merely wealthy people could pay for participating in it. Yet with progressing the Net tools online baccarat is getting more popular worldwide each day. 

Whilst practicing baccarat, gamers should merely trust the chance. The aim of baccarat happens to be absolutely clear because a gamer must predict what side is going to have a maximum of 9 or as close to 9 as he can. If you gamble baccarat on the web, you do not even spend money on free baccarat everyone has the hope to get a victory. To gamble zero cost baccarat may be an excellent prospect to analyze the guidelines of the game better prior to agreeing to gamble for bucks. 

Notwithstanding the diverse different variants of baccarat games, US baccarat, European also called traditional baccarat and Punto Banco continue to remain the most favorite amid gamers. Mini baccarat has become another play type that has become especially favored lately, especially in the Web, thanks to the easier terms and also tempting extremely low buy-ins for starting players. 

According to baccarat rules, there exist only three types of bets, “Player”, “Banker”, or “Tie”, where the gamer is offered a chance to predict which of the hands is going to win the stake. A bettor may play for the best in various card blends. Any betting bench has its minimum and biggest bets earlier determined. The bettor wins provided he gets the highest marks at a hand or provided that this player bet on the draw and there is no victorious one with marks.

Though the result of the game can’t be estimated just as it depends entirely on fortune, still here is the baccarat strategy which a gambler must consider. The finest bet is known as a stake on bankroll whereas the betting households the smallest benefit available that reaches 5 percent, in contrast to the bet on tie having a perk over fifteen %. One more occasion to get a wining is to search for a gambling house that allows baccarat offering the lowest range of gamblers and fees. 

Better not rush to play should you haven’t learned many methods and selected a specific one for your game as a reasonable strategy plus comprehending the best way to dispense assets efficiently can bring victory. Watch the game prior to entering the game to learn the tactics better, but don’t only intend to count the play plus spot the pattern as cards will be chosen at random and determined by fortune. Anyhow, remain realistic and never bet all your fortune since players need to always preserve in mind that gambling has been actually dealing with luck however not the right plan!


A Little Bit About Poker

While the exact origins of the game of Poker are unclear, it is thought to have evolved over centuries from various games of bluffing or domino cards. Some believe it was first invented before 969 A.D. by the Chinese, as the Emperor Mu-tsung is reported to have played with his wife on New Years Eve of that year. Egyptians played cards in the 12th and 13th centuries, while the Persians played a game known as As Nas in the 16th century. This game consisted of 25 cards with 5 different suits with rounds of betting and hierarchies of card status, with the contemporary three-of-a-kind being exhibited at this stage. It is thought that As Nas was taught to French settlers in New Orleans by Persian sailors.

Bluffing and deceiving became an integral part of the game in the 17th and 18th centuries in the French (‘Poque’) and German (‘Pochen’ which means ‘to knock’) games, which had both derived from the Spanish game called ‘Primero’, which is now referred to a ‘poker’s mother’, and involved each player being dealt three cards.

French colonials brought the game to the new world when they arrived in Canada and it eventually spread all over America, which is where it truly flourished. As tolerance to gambling lessened, many towns had kicked out known gamblers and passed orders against gambling which left gamblers with no choice but to take to the riverboats on the Mississippi. One of the earliest written references to the poker being played on the riverboats named it the ‘cheating game’, which quickly overtook the 3 card monte game in terms of popularity. The ‘cheating game’ was seen as a more honest (!) and challenging gamble, as the 3 card game was infamous for being fixed. As its popularity grew the 20 card pack was exchanged for the 52 card pack we have today.

During the 1800s, a Poker table would be found in every saloon across the United States. The American Civil War brought about many changes to the game which include draw poker, stud poker and the straight, with the joker being introduced as a wild card in 1875. Low ball and split-pot poker emerged in the 1900s and community card games began in 1925. The US Military have hugely influenced the spread of poker to other countries, chiefly Asia.

Poker is now extremely popular with both participation and viewing of the game agen poker and Raja365 at an all time high. The World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour are broadcast to American television audiences, with the addition of specially run poker events which are filmed for prime time viewing. For a game that was once only played by cheats and outlaws it has turned full circle with Poker having a ‘sport’ status, and is played by professional celebrity masterminds of the game. Now is obviously the time to get involved in playing poker + playing and learning from millions of other enthusiasts from around the world has never been so easy as with the advent of online poker.

Casino Poker

Top Blackjack Casino:: See Al Blackjack Rules

A wide selection of effective systems for Pontoon beginners as well as experienced players is provided on this webpage. Check out Pontoon strategies offered by the best Pontoon professionals in the online casino industry. The Mesin slot casinos that are thought of as the most recommended for playing Pontoon are included in this section. Know that Pro Online Casino is the top resource for playing Pontoon on the World Wide Web! A large number of helpful tips for Pontoon rookies as well as professionals are provided in this category.

Check out Pontoon strategies given by the greatest Pontoon players in the online casino industry. The online casinos that are viewed as the best for wagering on Pontoon are included on this webpage. Bear in mind that ours is the greatest resource for betting on Pontoon on the net!

  • Odds on Pass Line Bet – After a point is rolled you can make this additional bet by taking odds. There are different payoffs for each point. A point of 4 or 10 will pay you 2:1; 5 or 9 pays 3:2; 6 or 8 pays 6:5. You only win if the point is rolled again before a 7.
  • Where applicable, you must also check that the bar-coded serial number on your ticket is clearly readable and that the “Void” box has not been marked. Keep your ticket safe. You’ll need it to claim your prize, as it is the only proof that you are a winner. 

 As well as being one of the greatest online casinos, the Captain Cooks Casino is also one of the most respected, maintaining the highest regulations in relation to establishing their players’ privacy. Captain Cooks Casino features up-to-date online casino software provided by Microgaming, one of the most popular online casino games software manufacturers on the internet. Their colorful and easy to control interface absolutely distinguishes them from plenty of other online casino games software licensers.

Featuring an astonishing payout average of 96.27%, it is plain to see why the Captain Cooks Casino is very prominent on the World Wide Web! Featuring this amount great casino games in addition to a $888 sign up bonus, it’s no wonder that the Amber Coast Casino is this successful on the web. Amber Coast Casino possesses up-to-date releases of Playtech casino games.

Their versatile and straightforward interface really sets them apart from a lot of other casino software developers. Possessing over 65 online casino games, excellent multilanguage support, and fantastic payout, the Amber Coast Casino is one of the wisest selections you could make! Offering over 60 casino games, fabulous customer support, and terrific payout, the All Jackpots Casino is one of the shrewdest decisions you can ever make! All Jackpots Casino offers up-to-date versions of Microgaming casino software. Their colorful and easy to use user interface absolutely separates them from a great deal of other online casino software manufacturers.

Featuring so many great casino games on top of a $200 sign up bonus, it’s obvious why the All Jackpots Casino is so well-known on the World Wide Web. Join the Casino Red Vegas now and begin pocketing heaps of money! Casino Red Vegas provides a 24/7 gambling celebration that never closes. Casino Red Vegas possesses the hottest casino software created by Playtech, one of the most successful casino games software providers on the internet. Offering over casino games for players to select from, Casino Red Vegas showcases a comprehensive and thrilling wagering experience.

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Check the previews and practices of the bonuses at online platform!!

At High Noon Casino, Players are greeted at the homepage with cowboy inspired gaming that is reminiscent of the Wild West! Cool animation, sound and graphics create a neat atmosphere for gamers to explore and browse all that High Noon has to offer. Speaking of bonuses, High Noon is chocked full of promotions on Progressive Jackpots, Tournaments, Daily Bonuses and Cash Races. The game adventures at High Noon will draw you in like flies on a horse and make you thirsty for big fat welcome bonuses of 200% up to $2,000. Scope out the casino games with no deposit required and a $60 free chip! Get game previews and practice your skills against the house or other card shark varmints.

This themed casino has a huge variety of games and uses Real Time Gaming (RTG) software. U.S. players are welcomed through the swinging online casino doors to belly up to the card table with their wagers. We’re likely to bet that players haven’t seen a casino this side of the prairie as good as High Noon. The checking of the previews and practices of the bonuses is required at the platform. The wagering of the amount at the platform is there after knowing the rankings of the Dominoqq bonuses. The aim of the website should be on improving the bank balance with real cash and rewards. 

Keep the bonuses coming is what you’ll be saying when you get a taste of what High Noon is pouring into your glass. New players can choose from the $2,000 Welcome Slots bonus or snag the $150 Blackjack/Video Poker Welcome bonus. Regular players have the chance to redeem coupon codes when they play Blackjack, Video Poker and other games. These coupon codes can give a 100% cash bonus of up to $500! Either way you play it, you’ll be as excited as if you were meeting Jesse James for the first time! But wait, don’t turn and run from this outlaw because they are offering non-stop reloading bonuses as well! You can win as much as a 40% cash back deposit bonus up to $1,000 every day! Where else can you get a $60 free trial game preview and bonuses totaling up to wild $10,000?

Step into High Noon Casino’s old time bank and fund your deposits by Major Credit Cards, UseMyWallet, eCheck, Instadebit, ECO Card, Click2Pay, Neteller and MoneyBookers. Deposit minimum is around $20, except for eCheck which is $150. Deposit maximum is $1,000.

Cowboys and Cowgirls can retrieve their winnings by using ACH, UseMyWallet, Instadebit, ECO Card, Click2Pay, MoneyBookers, Neteller, Wire Transfer and MoneyLineWallet. Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $20, except for Wire Transfer which is $300. Maximum withdraw amount is capped at $4,000 weekly, but Network Progressive Jackpot Prizes do not apply. Almost all deposits and withdrawals at High Noon are instant, except of course Wire Transfer which can take up to 10 days.

Specialty games are inclusive of Bingo, Keno and Scratch Cards. Table Specialties include two kinds of roulette, Craps, and Sic Bo, and a few other games. Throughout the year, High Noon Casino hosts a variety of different tournaments in Slots, Blackjack, Poker Games and many others. All a player’s has to do to sign up for a particular tournament is to deposit the required amount for entry and input the specific bonus code. Rules and wagering requirements vary from game to game.

Large amounts of cash prizes can be won in High Noon Casino’s tournaments. Sometimes the tournaments have different things depending on when they are held and always have something of interest that caters to a wide range of players. Each month, High Noon Casino will give players something to look forward to. Tournament players who collect the most money will definitely be rewarded with some great prizes. One progressive slot jackpot that tips the prize scale is called “Shopping Spree”.

Shopping Spree is a great progressive slot machine as it frequently bypasses the million dollar mark. High Noon also features Bonus Buck and Poker Freeroll tournaments where no entry fee is required to play. Generally, the Poker Freeroll’s offer slightly smaller cash prizes, but there are brand new offers all the time and some Freeroll’s go as high as $1000.

At High Noon, you’ll find more than 130 games organized into easy to find sections. Players can pick from Classic and Real Series Slots, Video Poker, Table Games, and Specialty Games. With so many slots, players will need to find the time to play them all. From Wok and Roll to Aces and Eights, all the games are listed in alphabetical order. Some of the slot games have bonus rounds like Aztecs Gold, but all of the slots have random jackpots.

A nice little option about High Noon Casino is the “Recently Played” section of their site and can be used as a kind of bookmark when players want to look for their favorite game. Take the next DSL stagecoach over to High Noon and you could be the next lucky hombre!

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Making the most of your online casino bonus

If you are considering signing up with Pkv Games QQ or any other online casino, make sure that you sign with one that has a good signup bonus. Thus, many of the best casinos have them there is no reason to sign up with a site that does not work. Usually, an online casino bonus is a percentage of the amount of your initial deposit when you create an account. Some deposit bonuses are as generous as 200%. This means that if you deposit $ 100, the casino offers a free bonus of $ 200 above the initial deposit. Maximum bonuses often reach thousands of dollars. Some casinos no deposit will even offer you a bonus that you can use even if you do not bankroll.

The first question on people’s minds is whether they can create an account, make a deposit, then withdraw the bonus. The answer is no because if you could do that, we’d all have a very easy way to increase our income! All casinos have wagering requirements to cash a bonus, and they vary some from one place to another. Often, the rules to be able to cash out your bonus are different from the rules for using the same casino cash out regularly to read the requirements set bonus advance so that you know what you have to do.

There are some strategies to help you make the most of your online casino bonus. Firstly, if a casino Paris can cover during your minimum bet bonus, enjoy it! Bet on red and black on roulette to maximize your bet and minimize risk. Unfortunately, the vast majority of incentive systems do not cover Paris within your minimum bet.

Your best strategy to meet your next bonus requirement is to choose a game with a low house edge. Craps and Pai Gow poker are both good choices. Picking games with the lowest house edges, it is more likely that you will gain once you have completed your bonus wagering. Also, keep in mind that many sites do not allow certain games to count toward your bonus playthrough, so read the rules of bonus to be sure that the games count. Unfortunately, many of them do not allow you to play blackjack within your bonus requirement. Blackjack some house lowermost edges.

Some online casinos have what is called sticky these bonuses that become part of your account balance but can not be collected separately from your regular funds. That they virtually extend your playing time, but it can be a good thing if you have a big win. If you are losing your deposit and play with nothing but sticky money, then you might as well bet big since it is money from home, you’re playing with.

One thing you should never try to do is register under multiple names with a casino to try to get multiple bonuses. The casinos are really good at determining when people do, and if they catch you (which is very likely) you will be banned. Bonuses are very generous in web casinos, so I know what the rules are and make the most of them.


BlackJack Moments For Bumping Up The Game.

Pontoon is a blackjack variant that has sometimes been described as the early version of the game. Today, the pontoon is quite known in the gambling world and has a considerable following. The object of the pontoon is basically the same as the classic blackjack – to get as close to 21 without going over the figure, or busting.

If you know how to play blackjack, then you would not have that much of a hard time playing pontoon on slot online terpercaya. The card values are the same and so are some other basic rules. In pontoon, however, the dealer’s cards are both dealt face down. That means you do not get to see one of his cards. This means a lot as you have much less information to work on as you execute your strategy. In fact, this situation can totally change your basic blackjack strategy. As such, the value of card counting increases tenfold in a pontoon.

The highest hand in pontoon is an ace and any card with the value of 10 – just like blackjack, but this is called a pontoon. The next highest is a five-card trick. This is any 5 hand card that totals 21 or less. When you have a five-card trick, the value is the same as any other five-card trick. The next best hand consists of 4 cards with a total of 21 points or less. This time, the points of the cards count. At the bottom is a busted hand.

You will be able to find pontoon in a large number of online casinos today. You may find that you need to adjust your game a bit due to the variations in play but after a while, you will be sure to get the hang of it.

Denizens of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania are being treated to 8 new computerized blackjack tables at the Mohegan Sun. These tables were talked about several months ago on several web sites online. The idea behind the electronic tables is that there will be no live dealer and no real cards. The dealing and the gameplay is supposed to be faster, more efficient, and more objective.

Each table can handle 40 players at a single time. The dealer is represented by an “attractive” simulated one. However, attractive depends on who is looking, I guess. In any case, the games are called Royal Match 21 and players can bet $5 to $50. A special feature of the Royal Match 21 is that when the player’s two cards are of the same suit or a royal match, then the player gets a bonus.

So how do people feel about the new hi-tech tables? There has been a variety of reactions – the same way people reacted when news of these tables first came out. Some people like it because of the faster play but many people claim that they miss holding actual cards and interacting with the dealer. Some even go as far as to say that the point of playing card game live (as opposed to online gaming) is to get a feel for the cards – literally. Of course, that would be gone with electronic tables such as the ones in Pennsylvania. I suppose time will tell just how popular these tables will become.

Gambling Poker

How To Read The Other Players Faces In Blackjack

Reading your opponents’ faces is important in playing blackjack. Mistakes can be made every now and then but you will be fine if you commit lesser mistakes compared to your opponents. It is, therefore, essential to learn the expert way of playing to avoid mistakes. If you know how to play correctly, you’ll have an advantage of winning or you will keep a balance of your winnings and losses. But if you want to have an edge over the dealer, then you surely need to monitor the cards. Although you are playing against the house in blackjack, it surely pays to know the other players’ strategies.

Blackjack experts would tell you that in whatever game you play, you have to monitor your competition just like in sports. If you know what to expect from them, you will have more information to use in playing the game. An example is the no-limit texas hold’em, a game that focuses more on the personalities at the table than the cards being dealt. Although tournament blackjack does not involve much bluffing, it is still important to know some information about your competitors. If you only give attention to how your opponents play, you will have a better chance of winning as often as you could.

Be sure to monitor even the early hands of the game because doing so will already give you an idea of the character of your opponents. Find out, for instance, if the player in seat one bets a minimum every hand or the one in seat two uses negative progression or the person occupying seat three correlates with other hands at the table. Your own analysis can help you later in the game.

Meanwhile, expert blackjack tournament player Ken Einiger, offers some tips when playing in a tournament. Upon taking your seat, Einiger recommends looking around the table and checking out the other players. Know them as much as possible. Do you know the other players? Do you have any idea about their playing habits? Do they place big bets at the start of the round or are they the conservative type? Is there a player that you have to look out for?

In casinos, it’s natural for some players to show some bad behavior like throwing cards or cursing when they don’t get a good card in blackjack. However, world blackjack champion Einiger said players must observe etiquette when playing in a tournament. He stressed respect for the people around, avoiding foul language and not drinking too much alcohol before the game. Some casinos may allow smoking and drinking and some tournaments may allow talking among players. However, it’s best to stick to the rules if you don’t want to be ejected from the game and the casino as well. You can try some practice online by playing on a reliable poker site like Judi Online.

If talking among players is allowed, be wary of comments and questions you may get from other players. An example, if one player bets $450 and the person next to you comments “I’m not sure what that person just bet. What do you think?” it’s better not to help him. If a player looks at you and says “I’ve got $3,400 chips, how many do you have?” don’t give out any information. Just say that you’re new and don’t know how to count your chips or you can simply say “thank you.”

Movies on casino gambling have been made in the past and have raked in millions of dollars. Another addition to the list is the upcoming film “21” which revolves around the popular game of blackjack. The thriller film, set to begin shooting by February in Boston and Las Vegas, will star Jim Sturgess and Japanese-American special effects artist Masi Oka of the NBC TV series “Heroes” playing a supporting role. Producing the movie are Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti and Michael de Luca while Robert Luketic will be directing it.

The film “21” is based on the best-seller book of Ben Mezrich titled “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.” People who are avid players of blackjack should be familiar with this movie. The main character is Kevin Lewis, a junior M.I.T. student, who joined an underground blackjack club together with his five classmates and managed to win millions of dollars in casinos across America. The club focuses on blackjack counting cards and beating the system of major casinos around the globe. Lewis’ blackjack team composed of math geniuses traveled weekly to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other gambling areas and bet as much as 50 thousand dollars for every hand.

With the guidance of a former MIT professor and an obsessive blackjack player who was able to come up with a system of verbal cues, body signals and role-playing, the group of young card counters developed a system for playing and winning big in casinos known as “spotters” and high-stakes rollers. While their other classmates were studying hard in laboratories and libraries, Lewis and his team led a glamorous life enjoying VIP treatment in casinos including complimentary suites, meals, tickets to boxing matches and partied with showgirls and celebrities. The casino managers made sure to give them the perks to keep them coming back. Lewis and friends, using 20 different aliases and disguises, posed as children of rich Asian businessmen as casinos are usually less doubtful of Asians shelling out huge sums of money compared to just a group of white youngsters.

The team succeeded in their goal and took three million dollars from some of the world’s best casinos in less than two years. This angered casino owners who later hired private investigators to follow Lewis and his team and take revenge. A violent revenge ensued one fateful day when the young MIT wizards were followed home from Vegas to Boston.

If you like thriller films on gambling like Ocean’s 11 and 12, then you must see this movie when it hits the theaters.