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Welcome to our online casino directory where you can find the best places to play Red Dog online . This game has grown to be more popular every year in the online environment; this is why you now need to know all the rules, strategies and betting options before you play Red Dog online. Even though you maybe like to play red dog online and have done so since a little while ago, this games has been around for more than 150 years. It also used to be called “In Between”, “Acey-Deucey” or “Ace- Deuce”. But when you play reg dog online you should remember that it is not quite like poker, many say its rules are more similar to Pai Gow online or online baccarat . But let′s take a closer look at Red Dog game strategies. Red Dog Rules Red Dog Online Red Dog Strategy Red Dog Download

Red Dog Online: Rules and Strategy Red dog was favorite game back in the day in the old west. But when players started to cheat too much while playing red dog, it gradually disappeared from game parlors. Nowadays casino red dog is very famous and it is very hard to play red dog online and cheat.

When you play red dog you should know it is always dealt from a shoe with four or five, 6 or 8 decks. Every game is played on a table similar to the blackjack table using a fifity-two card deck and bearing 2 betting spots. Every hand plays 3 cards and the card suit doesn′t matter when you play red dog online. Play Free Red Dog Entertainment Just like playing in Kayabola, each time you play Red Dog online you should bear in mind that the rank of the card you bet on should fall between the first two.

If you′re going for a bonus payout, you have to consider the Spread : the value between the first and the second card. The narrower the spread, the higher the payout can get.


You start with a bet and the dealer deals two cards. The cards are placed face up on the table and the dealer will place a marker to indicate the spread and the odds the house offers on an additional bet (the “raise”). If you bet no further, you will win your original bet at even money if you win the hand. When you play red dog online you only need to decide on whether you raise your bet or you stop. The safest way to play red dog online is to raise only when the spread is 7 or greater. The house edge for red dog online is 3.5%. Spread of 1 5 to 1 Spread of 2 4 to 1 Spread of 3 2 to 1 Spread of 4+ 1 to 1

House Edge in red dog The following table displays the house edge and element of risk according to the number of decks used in the game red dog .

Number of Decks House Edge Element of Risk 1 3.155% 2.672% 2 3.077% 2.609% 4 2.884% 2.447% 6 2.798% 2.375% 8 2.751% 2.335%

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