“Portal 2” Review

Written by Evelyn

The Newest released member of the Portal family, Portal 2 does not disappoint. This game has everything a person could possibly ask for in a platform physics-based puzzle game. In this review, I will discuss why this game is a must-play. If you are a fan of BandarQQ then you will find this game really appealing as well considering the fact that there are loads of similarities between the two games. 

Portal 2 begins abruptly. You awake from a cryogenic sleep only to be tossed into an endless length of scientific mazes. There is a giant robot in control that goes by the name GlaDOS and wishes nothing more than for you to continually best tested until you die. In order for the testing to properly begin, you must find a Portal device that is basically a gun that can create portals from one location to another. You start out only capable of creating a single portal and the second portal being stationary but later on, you can create the entry and exit portals. This allows for a multitude of ways to solve these puzzles.

The physics of this game are impeccable. If you have enough momentum built up and enter a portal you will fly out of the second portal at the same speed you were traveling when you entered the first. There are times where you must use the portals to move different types of liquids throughout the game. There are three types of liquids in this game. The blue liquid is extremely bouncy and provides an extra high jump from effect. Orange liquid provides a boost of speed while in direct contact with it. Finally, the White liquid is my favorite and basically covers other surfaces so that you can create portals on the newly covered material. Not every surface can have portals placed on it, but you coat it with the white liquid then you can.

The voice acting is superb throughout this title. The actors give such a great sense of action and emotion to what is happening in-game. The majority of the game you are only speaking with robots but these actors doing the robot voices still give you a sense of sarcasm and vengeance. The music throughout the game is also amazing. It is a slight mix of techno sound with classical. In fact, The final score of the game is an original production of a song called “Want you gone” created by Jonathan Coulton and absolutely brings a flood of emotions to you as you complete the game.

Overall, This game is a must-play. I personally dislike 90% of FPS games out there and I found this game to be absolutely amazing. There is nothing I could found bad about this game. I only wish the campaign was longer. This game’s graphics, story, physics, and originality will make this game an instant classic.

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