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The Most Popular Misconception In Poker – what are they?

Written by Evelyn

This is one of the most popular misconception in poker: if you call the flop, you have to see the river. That is completely not true, obviously better poker players know that, because they studying the Traits of Successful Poker Players. You have to analyze each decision individually, sometimes in the flop you’re going to call and you’re not going to have many turns you improve on, but you still have to call or else you’re going to fold too much facing a flock back. Now just because you made a loose flop call facing aggression, doesn’t mean that you have to compound that mistake by playing to turn the same way.

You can just let your poker hand go and move on to play the next hand, you don’t want to make two mistakes trying to defend your first bad wait. We still seriously though look at each street individually and play accordingly, don’t make your plan on the flop and then not care with the turn, river. Think about all your hands and make the right decision. With the learning of the misconception, the playing of the poker games at pkv qq site is beneficial for the gamblers. The decision is the right one to play online poker games. The planning of the strategy will offer the best rewards and bonuses  at the best table. 

Next misconception is thinking that past results have any effect on future results. What’s happened in the past is done and now anything new is a new instance. Sometimes unlucky things can happen a bunch of times in a row or very lucky things can happen a bunch of times in a row, that doesn’t mean the next poker hand means anything. Sometimes you feel like if certain tournament players won a few in a row, that they’re more likely to win more, because they’re on a hot streak or if someone three bets done a few times in a row, the next three that they either have to have it or don’t have to have it or whatever… All of these things are simply not true, every individual instance is a percent chance for something to happen, you should view that accordingly. You must know How to Win a Poker Tournament.

Number three is thinking that the amount of money you’ve won over a certain time will continue to happen moving forward and basing your life around that. First off, your win rate changes constantly, just because you had a few big by lunate over 1k hands, does not guarantee you the same win over the next 100k hands, things can change. Also your ability changes with the amount of table as you play, don’t pretend playing eight or sixteen tables of the same thing, they’re not. You should be aiming to play six tables or less, to play your game. Finally, the biggest problem with this, it makes you a worse player in the long run. You want to be thinking about poker online and getting better understanding things, rather than just trying to battle your way through a bunch of hands to get that win rate to buy things or have a certain amount to invest or whatever. You want to be trying to actively pursue getting better poker, so in the future you can make more money and play even higher stakes.

Number four is thinking, that you’re going to keep winning at the rate you’ve been winning before. Don’t think that just because you had a big score in a tournament or a great month at the cash tables, that’s going to go on like that forever, because it’s not. The weight variance works you have good upswings and you’re going to have bad downswings and don’t let the short-term fluctuations fool you. If you do not spend your money wisely and you blow it on random things like partying or cars or whatever, you’re not going to put yourself in a good situation down the road. So try to look at your income more in terms of an average over a long period of time, rather than just a short-term fluctuation. Now when you do have a big score to buy yourself something nice to celebrate, but remember to try and put as much of that money into investing and holding on for future tournaments. So, that down the road you put yourself in a good position, to make even more money.

Number five are people thinking that playing a GTO (Game Theoretical Optimum) type strategy will not win them very much money. For starters, no one is currently playing quote GTO, because no one is solved the game, people are playing styles based off of game theory elements. Now for some reason there’s some confusion going on, that if you don’t play a theoretical style, that you’re going to win a lot of money and if you play a theory based style, you might win like a little bit, you won’t lose, but you’re barely going to win. That is simply not true, because poker is a very complex game and the solutions are often hard to understand. In fact, we don’t truly know them, because we’re still learning about the game of No Limit Hold’em. So if you play a style of poker that has a good theoretical strategy, then you’re going to win a lot over, the long run.

There are many fallacies, not just in poker, but in the world of gambling as a whole. When you’re listening to someone or you hear some advice, think about if it really makes sense, within what your strategy is and if you want to put it into your game or put it into the way you’re managing your money or the way you think about Poker Rules and How to play Texas Holdem.

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