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Written by Evelyn

Rule #1 To Making Cash Gambling

“I was up I tell you!!” “Almost won that $1,000!!” I’ve heard these statements a million times, tell you the truth I’ve used them a few times myself. I, like many people, have fallen into the trap of poor money management.

Listen, I’ve gambled for almost 10 years and the one thing I learned, is that money management is “key” to making it as a professional gambler. I know this maybe not the first thing you want to see but it’s definitely the most important if you want to consistently make money at 먹튀검증 poker tables. This goes for BJ, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Hold ’em, or whatever may float your boat. Money management is usually, 9 times out of 10, the reason for a good night or bad night at the tables.

For example, when you go in and you have $50 you spend no more than this. Whatever you bring (which isn’t important) that IS ALL YOU CAN SPEND. No matter what don’t break that rule.

Next, make an amount at what you definitely walk away with. For example, you go to the Blackjack table you bring a bankroll of $500. Sit at the $10-$15 table and start playing. One hour goes by you now have $900 and you told yourself I will walk out when I am $350 ahead. Now that you’ve made your profit, get up and pat yourself on the back cash it in goes home and you made out great.

On the other hand had you risked it, kept gambling then compulsively gambled you may now be out the initial $500 bankroll. The latter is a good example of the incorrect way of managing your money at the table.

So in conclusion to this small lesson, I say, keep an eye on the money and walk out a winner more often than not. Be like a businessman in a business of great highs, lows, and a lot in between. So stay smart try it out! Then walk out the Casino with cash money and rent paid!!

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