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Time To Double Down In Blackjack

Written by Evelyn

What are the perks of being an expert gambler? One that you can enjoy any venture without worrying about how difficult the levels are going to be as what matters to them is the level of entertainment they can get from such ventures where they can showcase their skills but blackjack is something that almost ever great player is partial to compared to others and so much so that PKV Games are coming out with a separate theme entirely dedicated to it.

Doubling down is a major variation in any blackjack play, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone knows how and when to use it. Use it too often, and you will look like a greedy player, while using it too infrequently (if at all) just makes you look uninformed about how to double. While it is true that doubling down can maximize your profits in certain cases, these occasions do not always occur, and doubling down at the wrong time can cause you to lose more money than you normally would.

A Low Down on Doubling Down

Double down is a blackjack rule that is beneficial for you in the end because it effectively reduces the house edge by about 0.12%. When used properly, it can help you maximize your winnings, especially when the dealer is weak. Think about it, you are betting double on good cards against a dealer with really bad cards up. So you are best off doubling down when the dealer has either low cards or a combination that just might go bust, or really low cards that have no hope of getting better. You should not look on doubling as a gamble, but rather a decision made when everything is in your favor. The most ideal combination that can occur for you as a player is to be dealt a high pair (lower than ten value), then splitting, then doubling against a dealers low card. If you get dealt for example the four eights in the deck against a dealers 6, it is possible you can be doubling up to four hands a round! On the other hand, doubling down could work against you when it is used improperly. Remember that you are putting twice your initial bet on the line when you double down, so it actually magnifies your losses. Doubling down should not be done just because it is an option.Good timing is critical at all times.

When to Double Down

There are some fundamental rules for when you should and should not double down. For example, you should not bother splitting when you have got a pair of cards like 5-5 against a dealers 5. It will be wiser to do

uble here on any dealer card up to and including a 9. When the dealer is showing an A , even if you have a 5 and a 6 for 11 do not double. A hit here is good enough as that is already a strong enough hand by itself, and you need not go through the extra effort and risk of doubling down. There are also some cases when it is most advantageous to double down, and you really should not pass up the chance. Any time the dealer is showing a 6 and you have any hand with a total under 11, then you should be doubling. this is where you will make the majority of your profit. Any time the count is good, combined with low dealer cards is another opportune time.

Some casinos will only allow a player to double on a two card total of 9,10,11, if your not playing at one of these casinos, then you should be looking to double at any opportunity available. Be careful though when the dealer has a 2 showing, as its tempting to double against a dealers 2, though often the dealer will beat your hand/s in the long run in this situation. It is wise to only hit in this situation if you have a total of 9, though still double on 10 or 11. Correct doubling down takes practice and skill for you to correctly determine when doubling down is most in your advantage. Knowing some basics of doubling down coupled with a good card counting strategy is a great way to maximize your profits in blackjack. Using a strategy card is also useful.

Free Tip: Refer to a strategy card for optimal double down strategy.

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