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Try New Angel Or Devil Slot With Casino Tropez

Written by Evelyn

Light vs. dark, or good vs. evil – it’s the classic battle that has been raging for centuries. But now this epic matchup has found its way into the world of online casinos. Casino Tropez is now the proud new destination for a special online slot game entitled Angel or Devil.

Innovation and creativity are the two main reasons why you should be interested in this brand new release from Playtech. The global software giant has incorporated an innovative new feature that is set to shake up the online casino industry for years to come – and all for the better. Playtech has certainly hit upon an interesting concept.

Be Your Own Master

Angel or Devil is the name of the new slot game. From the get-go, you will soon notice that is a game based on choices. The outcome of your gaming sessions will depend entirely on which direction you sway. Will you be patient and build up your winnings gradually or will you let ambition curtail your quest?

Rather than play this game based on pre-assigned decisions made by the developer, you get to choose whether or not you receive more wings and greater winnings. This could either result in a longer experience or short-lived spin on the reels. Like with life, Angel or Devil let’s you decide what course of action is best for you, and that’s what makes it so fascinating.

Which Way Will You Slide?

The Judi Bola game is dominated by a slider positioned at the top of the screen, which lets you move the decision bar through five different options. You can choose side in the middle or else partially or completely in favour of the angel or devil. By moving the slider, you can also expect for the screen to reposition itself in response.

It is very cool to see the perspective of the screen ascending or descending based on your selection. The colours on the screen will either settle on blue or red, so as to reflect your choice. This feature is further bolstered by the fact that you will see what symbols will be active when you eventually spin.

Graphics and Sounds

Starting with the sounds, there isn’t very much to report. The sound effects are exactly what you would expect, so there is no complaint there. However, the music comes across as very unpleasant. Make sure that you have YouTube on hand to select some better tunes during gameplay.

Playtech has correctly opted for a playful cartoon style in Angel or Devil, which is a perfect compliment for the overall theme. Any other approach might have resulted in an overly serious game that would not have appealed to players. Thankfully, however, such a scenario has been easily avoided.

Playing the Game

Once you have chosen the slider position and muted the irritating music, your most difficult decisions will now be firmly behind you. You will be spared the decision of choosing the number of paylines to activate, as Playtech leaves you with all 20 always activated. The only think you need to decide is how much to stake, which is limited to a maximum of approximately R1800.

The most lucrative symbol has got to be the devil, as this guy will reward you with a 4000x multiplier when you manage to make five appear on a single payline. Another fast way to become rapidly richer is to pray for lightning. The Lightning Cash Bonus can strike the middle reel at any moment. The result will be golden coins flying all over the screen – enjoy it while it lasts!

Special Features

When it comes to special features, we have yet to touch on free spins. These can be triggered when three or more of the main slot’s logo appears on reels two, three, and four simultaneously. This will result in five free spins being awarded to your cause.

Additionally, you will receive a power-up card at random following each free spin. These could reward you with multipliers, cash prizes, extra wild symbols, and lots more. Try Angel or Devil and see where your decisions will lead you. Every new player that joins can claim a complimentary 100% match bonus.

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