Visiting Washington Casinos

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Visiting Washington Casinos is a mixed or some would say the double blessing. Wanting to attract high rollers, the casinos in any state, including Washington, often try to duplicate the kinds of gaming venues and attractions that play well in the casino capital, Las Vegas. This means that in a state like Washington, owners of casinos sometimes seek out some of the popular slots and floor games and try to draw in some big-name entertainment while maintaining their own smaller scale budget. At the same time, Washington is proud of its tradition as a state proud of its reputation as a scenic state and as one that is striving to stay green. Visiting Washington casinos then may mean having some exciting casino fun while also finding spectacular scenery near at hand. Although, now there are online casinos like that you can try so that you do not have to miss out on traveling as you visit Washington with your friends. These are as fun as physical casinos where you ger a real-time casino experience. 

Skagit Valley Casino Resort, Bow Washington. One might select the Skagit as their Washington casino of choice for the simple reason that it combines great gaming options and wonderfully scenic surroundings. The Skagit Valley Resort Casino may seem small to out of state gaming enthusiasts. The number of slot machines is under a thousand, a number which for some is defining. Slot machines number 675, but what the Skagit Valley Casino lacks in sheer size it does seem to somewhat make up for in a variety of table games. At the Skagit Valley Casino, you can find Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and Pai Gow Poker. There’s also Texas Hold ‘Em and a Keno Lounge.

When your gaming is done you can make use of that reserved room on-site and find yourself in one of more than 125 rooms or suites in a hotel that includes the expected amenities as well as a few extras like the indoor heated pool and fitness center or the continental breakfast. Like many Vegas resort casinos, Skagit Valley offers a hearty buffet or for those who want a little bit less an on-site grill room and a deli-style eatery.

This is not Las Vegas. It won’t necessarily give you a Vegas rush, but the surrounding attractions will definitely lift your spirits. Skagit Valley Casino Resort is located in northwestern Washington State. Your accommodations are located between the peaks of the Cascade Mountains and the beauty of Puget Sound. From Skagit Valley you can venture out to enjoy all manner of great outdoor activities from whale watching to hiking, canoeing or golfing. Enjoying Skagit Valley Casino does not tie you down to a one-dimensional experience. You can pretend you are in Vegas or enjoy the fact that you are in Washington. And you can switch back and forth as the spirit moves you, which is definitely one of the pleasures of visiting casinos in the state of Washington.

The Quinault Beach Resort and Casino. No matter how much the gaming may seem the same at Quinault Beach Resort and Casino as it is in any major casino in the U. S. the rest of the operation here is decidedly different.

The Quinault Beach Resort and Casino property are beautifully located on the coast of the state of Washington. How can a visit here be even vaguely reminiscent of Vegas when here you are surrounded, not be dozens of other casinos, but instead by the rolling waves of the pacific ocean and some 200 acres of wetlands and sand dunes. Even the entryway says “different” and the view from every window says “spectacular. “There is something to be said for looking out from one of the 150 plus rooms at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino and seeing a magnificently peaceful and serene setting instead of seeing towering bright lights and buildings. If you chose the former then consider also what the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino have to offer for gaming.

Blackjack, Keno, Craps, Roulette and lots of electronic games are available for your play in the resort casino. The scale here is even smaller than at Skagit Valley Casino Resort. According to the Quinault website at, the casino is limited to just 350 machines and 15 tables. While there is just as much opportunity to win or lose, the gaming excitement level is obviously several degrees less than at a high stakes casino. But the thing is, you have other things to do at Quinault. For example, you can sample the action on the beach, visit nearby Olympic National Park, put some time in fishing or boating.

The joy of visiting Washington casinos is that you can come to Quinault Beach Resort just for the gaming, but why would you when there is so much else at your doorstep.

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