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Which Gambling And Wagering Activities Are Beatable

Written by Evelyn

One of the biggest questions a gambler must ask themselves is which games should they play. Obviously, personal interest and desire will play a role in this decision.

The checking of the reviews and ratings is necessary for the bettors of the site. There is a need to take the correct decision for the placing of the stakes. It will allow you to have more winnings at the sports betting site. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the gamblers. 

I would also suggest that you consider the game itself. I mean is it a beatable game? Something that you have a chance of coming out ahead with, over the long term?

For example, let’s take a look at sports. For the sports which use a spread and the standard 11-10 odds, your break even point is slightly abouve 52%. Even if all you did was guess, you should be able to come close to hitting a 50% win rate. Granted, some sports are more difficult than others, but I think you can see the point I am trying to make. Even with a slight 2% house advantage, sports wagering is simply a matter of opinion. If your opinion is better than your books, you will win. Over the long run.

Additionally, sports is different than most casino games. It is what we call a no-ante contest. This simply means that you can pick your spots. In other words, you are not required to bet on every game. Compare this to playing craps, where you must be in action with every roll of the dice. Or even baccarat, where your actions are, in fact, already pre-programmed once the hand starts! With sports you have the opportunity to look at the board and pick which games you think the line is off on.

Another great thing about sports is that it is the only game where you can increase the size of your bet (in proportion to your bankroll) and still have almost the same advantage. You can’t do this in horse racing, because it affects the track odds. You can’t do it in blackjack, either. Try increasing your bet and you will encounter a fair amount of “heat,” and perhaps even other unwanted attention. Even with poker, if you move up into bigger stakes games, you will run into more skilled players who may cut into your win rate (sometimes significantly).

I think I have proven my case that sports wagering is a beatable game.

Obviously, poker is a game of high skill. Even the federal government recognizes this fact and provides tax benefits to poker professionals. The trick of course is to find the proper level of game. If you play for stakes which are too low, then you will not win as much as you should. On the other hand, if you play for stakes which are too high, you will be outclassed and your win rate will drop…probably lower than what it would have been in the lower stakes game. But it is definitely a beatable game.

Balckjack is another beatable game. Of course, the edge may be razor thin. It can be done, though. You will probably need to learn how to count cards, and put in the time to have this skill absolutely mastered! The thing I really like about playing blackjack is that the odds are constantly changing. The cards that have been already played do have an effect on the hand that you are currently playing. This is the ONLY reason why blackjack can be considered a beatable game.

I will also mention horse racing as a beatable game. The main reasons for this are similar to those of sports–it is also a no-ante contest, and it is a matter of opinion. Of course, like everything else, it will require a degree of study and a level of expertise. Also you need to understand that there is a huge tax on this levied by the track. You will almost always be paid about 15-20% less than you would if it was a fair game. It’s tough to overcome, but can be done.

You should be prepared to put in the effort and time to master whatever games you choose to focus on.

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