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Malaysia Online Sports Betting An Overview

Written by Evelyn

When it comes to Malaysia online sports betting, horse betting on Joinsini is wildly popular in Malaysia and is also completely legal. However, other forms of sports betting are banned. In the past, the British were introduced horse racing this country, but putting a bet on a horse race is strictly monitored by the Malaysian Racing Association. Besides, bets are just allowed in several tracks across Malaysia and some of the popular tracks could be found at Perak, Penang, and Selangor Turf Clubs.

Not mention to this, every other kind of sports betting in Malaysia is considered illegal, meaning that you will not find any sports bookies as well as bookmakers local. Yet, this does not mean that there are not underground sports betting markets throughout Malaysia. A large number of people still wager through those shady channels though there are also many risks of cheating or match-fixing.

In fact, the only choice open to those people who are interested in Malaysia online sports betting is to use international sportsbooks. Many of them accept players from Malaysia and even provide bets in Ringgit. Whilst the government of Malaysia does not like this idea, there is not much they could do to prevent it. They have tried forcing the local banks to block those transactions both to and from foreign online sportsbooks yet the blanks are not following this rule. As a result, the money still flows through.

Upon using the offshore betting websites, Malaysian players tend to prefer bookmakers having no physical presence in Asia, so they could decreasing their exposure to the authorities if there is any legal action against such bookies.

You have a few choices in regard to Malaysia’s online sports betting. You can use Asian bookies. There are two kinds of foreign bookies which are ideal. Of them, Asian bookies which are licensed in the Philippines where online gambling is legal, are considered the easiest to use. Or, you can use European bookmakers, which are not as easy to deposit with as Asian bookies. You need to have an e-wallet to get started.

The sports which are available for Malaysia online sports betting could be tennis, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, motor racing, and many other popular sports.

It is advised that the single safe way to bet online on sports from Malaysia is to simply wager with international bookmakers, from your own space, and using the internet. Besides, avoid Asian sports betting and internet cafes. You should meet these three criteria to make sure that your wagers are created safely without scrutiny from Malaysian authorities.

Now, you see that gambling is legal in most areas of the world, and if you use reputable bookies from those countries where gambling is legal, there is no risk of not being paid. Of course, the police in Malaysia could not go to the UK and arrest a bookie for taking bets on certain sports like soccer because, in the UK, gambling online or being a bookmaker is legal. Therefore, it is completely acceptable for companies to take bets from people in Malaysia, giving you a variety of options for Malaysia online sports betting as long as you are a foreign company.

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