How to Copy Xbox 360 Games

Written by Evelyn

I’m sure like me, you have thought many times about finding a way to duplicate your Xbox 360 games. After a lot of regular trips to the video game store, having to replace damaged and lost discs. It was time to investigate finding a method. Well, Poker Terpercaya is the best way through which you can get all the action online but if you are still looking for ways through which you can copy your Xbox 360 games then you should read this article and learn more about that. 

The first thing I came across whilst searching the internet, was the use of modchips inserted into your Xbox 360 console. Yes, this can be a great way to copy and play games. But with myself having a low level of technical ability there was no chance I was willing to open my precious Xbox up with a screwdriver and try and install some modchip. Then I discovered you could purchase a console with a modchip already installed. Great! Someone else with a much bigger brain than mine has already done the hard part for me. But the price! No thank you. One, I already have a console, so why would I want a second, and two, having a modchip installed will void your warranty and possibly stop you from playing online. With the red ring of death a common thing, there was no way I was going to eliminate my consoles warranty.

I then discovered that you could install some kind of software on your computer, insert the game you wanted to copy and burn it onto a blank disc. Just like you would a CD or DVD. I thought this would be worthwhile looking into as the cost was minuscule compared to the other alternative, and it seemed very easy for the likes of me, people with little or no tech knowledge.

So I got my hands on this software and this is what you had to do:

  1. First, install the software on your PC. This is pretty straightforward, and I’m sure all of us have installed some kind of software in the past.
  2. Next, open the application, and insert the Xbox 360 game you wish to copy into your computer DVD/CD drive.
  3. Using the software, burn a virtual image of the game, onto your computer. You can save this wherever but I usually save it to my desktop for quick, easy access.
  4. Then you must eject the Xbox game, and insert a blank DVD into your computer DVD/CD drive.
  5. Finally, use the software to copy the virtual image onto this blank DVD. Then you’re finished!

The wizard that guided you through the whole process was great. Really made it much simpler for me. I did try a few other pieces of software first. But they didn’t perform as well.


When looking at software to use. Remember that it must: Be able to get past the built-in copyright protection on Xbox games; have a wizard that will guide you through the simple steps; make good quality copies, with no loss of video or audio; have support available if you need it; perform the whole process in as little time as possible.


Whilst I was first researching this method, I found a great site that reviewed the top 3 software to copy Xbox 360 games. Check it out if you want to learn how to copy games.

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